Engineering Services

What is offered?

Our Engineering Group is tasked with ensuring the supply of proper parts for our customers’ specific applications. In addition, they assist our clients with product design, bill of material verification, part standardization, consolidation and rationalization, manufacturing support, teardown and reverse-engineering projects.


Askew Industrial’s Extranet Website is a powerful resource to our customers’ R&D and Sustaining Engineers supporting new product development efforts as well as current product refinements. Some of the resources are as follows:

Searchable Databases

Customer-Specific Parts Database:

This database contains all parts supplied by Askew Industrial to a specific customer. The database:

  • Is a great resource to our customers’ engineers as well as the Supply Chain personnel
  • Is searchable by part attributes and by part numbers
  • Provides PDF copies of blueprints for all parts where available

Standard Specifications Database:

This database contains all standard fasteners that are used in industrial/commercial applications. The database:

  • Is searchable by part attributes
  • Provides standard sizes, and material specifications
  • Is a great tool for engineers when designing prototypes
  • Provides PDF copies

Custom Inventory Reports (on-line)

  • On-hand Inventory Reports by location
  • Pipeline Visibility Reports of all inventory at customer and Askew locations
  • Other custom reports to help customer engineering groups

Engineering Services

  • Engineering support team
  • Product standardization
  • Product consolidation
  • Product design, application, and tear down capability
  • Bill of materials verification
  • On-site and On-call
  • Quarterly blueprint revision level review
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