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Askew Industrial is proud to offer its customers with one of the most innovative and cost-saving systems in the inventory replenishment and tool control fields. Askew Industrial is an international authorized distributor of AutoCrib and has many installations of AutoCrib dispensing machines nationwide.

Since its inception in 1995, AutoCrib has maintained its lead in the point-of-use technology, through building its own hardware and writing its own proprietary software. AutoCrib products are now being used by some of the largest OEMs such as Boeing, Caterpillar, Gulfstream and Northrop Grumman.

Industrial vending machines provide point-of-use inventory management for industrial supplies. Workers simply use the inventory scanner to scan an ID or fingerprint to issue or return items. The industrial vending system with the stock management software does the recordkeeping automatically just like a tool crib attendant – it can even re-order the products for you!

  • Eliminate Production Downtime
  • Provide Uninterrupted Flow of Materials
  • Reduce Overall Item Usage
  • Enforce Discipline on the Factory Floor
  • Eliminate Item Hoarding
  • Reduce Inventory Investment
  • Reduce Inventory Issuance and Tracking
  • Reduce Operator Walk-Around
  • Reduce Receiving Costs
  • Reduce Carrying Costs
  • Reduce Total Cost of Procurement
  • Improve Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Extend supply chain to point-of-use
  • Provide 24/7 distributed, “pull” system
  • Provide Automatic Replenishment
  • Take a Small Footprint on the Factory Floor
  • Provide Real-time Recording of all Activities
  • Provide Management with the Control on Access to Parts and Quantities for each Employee
  • Give Management Robust Tools to Monitor and Manage the Activity of Parts Throughout the Plant
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