Founded in 1957 Askew Industrial is one of the first companies to introduce vendor-managed C-Class component supply to original equipment manufacturers. Over the years, Askew Industrial has evolved into the industry leader in providing the most innovative and technologically-advanced integrated supply solutions.


Our mission is to reduce our customers’ total cost of ownership, improving their manufacturing efficiencies, and ultimately increasing their profitability.


Our vision is to be the premier provider of production fasteners, C-class components and MRO products for world-class OEMs and the US military.  To that end we will maintain our edge as the industry leader in the design and implementation of customer–specific Inventory Management and Point–of–Use supply programs.


The leadership of Askew Industrial strives to ensure the satisfaction and continuous improvement of three important groups: our customers, our suppliers and members of our Askew Team.

Our Customers

“Our goal is to increase our customers’ profitability.”

We continually improve our value proposition to our customers by:

  • Managing our manufacturing partner base, which includes working closely with them in order to improve their internal systems so that we can pass additional savings to our customers.
  • Reducing our direct and operating costs and continually passing these savings to our customers.
  • Investing in advanced technologies, systems and adhering to best business practices.
  • Improving our capabilities through training and retaining a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals.
  • Maintaining a work environment where our employees can exceed their potential and reach their personal goals.

Our Suppliers

We deeply value our relationships with our manufacturers/suppliers. As we know we can only serve our customers by having strong cooperation and partnerships with our suppliers. Over our long history, we have developed many strong relationships with our suppliers, some of which have become strategic alliances. In these strategic relationships we assist them to understand our world-class customers’ service needs, and make adjustments in their operations in order to provide our customers the best possible service, product and pricing.

Our Employees

Askew Industrial promotes and nurtures a culture of integrity and mutual respect within a positive work environment. These values translate directly to our dedication to serving our customers and fair treatment of our suppliers. Our company has some of the longest-tenured employees in our industry.

Core Values


Uphold integrity in all of our dealings with each other, with our customers, suppliers and other entities with which we interact.


Meet or exceed the quality requirements of our customers.


Provide best overall value to our customers.


Strive to provide the highest level of customer service.


Treat every single member of the Askew team with respect.


Maintain professionalism in all our dealings.

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